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Russian engineer brigade receives new PP-2005M pontoon bridge.

| 2017

A pontoon bridge brigade of engineer forces, which is based in the Vladimir Region in central Russia, has received a PP-2005M pontoon bridge comprising more than 50 items, the Defense Ministry’s press office said.

russia pp 2005m pontoon 50 batches 925 001A older variant, the PP-2005 was exhibited at ARMY 2017 in Moscow, Russia. 

"The PP-2005M pontoon bridge is the latest product in pontoon bridge development. It is designed to replace the PPS-84, PP-91 and PP-91M pontoon bridges," the press office said. "The system comprises 54 vehicles based on the Kamaz-63501 truck with intermediate bridge bay and ramp bay units and BMK-MT bridge erection boats," the press office added.

The pontoon bridge is designed to set up bridge and ferry systems to cross water obstacles. The system is unique as it allows establishing eight, four or two floating ferries with a cargo-carrying capacity of 90 tons, 190 tons and 380 tons, respectively.

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