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Rheinmetall of Germany shows its expertise to upgrade Leopard 2 MBT tanks as the Leopard 2 PL 219021713.

| 2017
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19 - 23 February 2017
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Rheinmetall Leopard 2 PL MBT at IDEX 2017
Rheinmetall of Germany shows its expertise to upgrade Leopard 2 MBT tanks as the Leopard 2 PL
The German Company Rheinmetall exhibits the Leopard 2 PL at IDEX 2017, a complete modernization program for 128 Leopard 2 MBTs (Main Battle Tank) of Polish Armed Forces. Today the Leopard 2 forms the backbone of the mechanized formations of 18 nations worldwide. The Düsseldorf-based tech group for mobility and security is showcasing its Leopard 2 MBT expertise at IDEX 2017.
Rheinmetall's Leopard 2 PL upgrade project 
Rheinmetall has unsurpassed expertise in all facets of the Leopard 2 family. This derives from comprehensive maintenance and modernization programmes to advanced armament concepts, and from the functions and activities of an original equipment manufacturer to 360° technical and logistic support for the entire fleet of vehicles, to include service performed on location during deployed operations.

Assuring maximum mobility even in the toughest terrain, the Leopard 2 main battle tank combines excellent survivability and firepower with superb situational awareness and handling characteristics.

Improved survivability is one goal of the Polish modernization programme to upgrade the Leopard MBT to the new Leopard 2 PL standard. New AMAP (Advanced Modular Armour Protection) armour modules from IBD Deisenroth provide enhanced protection from KE and HE projectiles. An installation of a fire extinguisher/fire suppression system will assure optimum crew protection.

The turret will be retrofitted with electric drives, which, apart from enabling improved accuracy and helping to save space, will reduce the risk to the crew. In order to improve situational awareness to the rear of the vehicle and assist the driver, a video camera will be installed.

However, the modernization programme focuses first and foremost on upgrading the tank’s main armament and fire control technology as well as expanded use of state-of-the-art electronic components and improved force protection features.

The fire control unit will be modified through software changes to handle new ammunition types, which Rheinmetall also develops and produces for the Leopard. A latest-generation thermal imaging device will significantly expand the vehicle’s sensor capabilities. The Rheinmetall-made L44 main armament will be adapted to fire the enhanced-performance DM63A1 KE round. It will also be equipped with a programming capability that will enable it to fire multipurpose HE DM11 ammunition. Visitors to IDEX 2017 can inspect a demonstrator version of the Leopard 2 PL at the Rheinmetall stand, 09-A10.


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