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Pitradwar unveils its RDL-45 Ground Based Long Range Radar at MSPO 2017.

| 2017

At MSPO 2017, Pitradwar, a Polish company specialized in the design and manufacturing of radar system unveiled the RDL-45 Ground Based Long Range Radar for Air Surveillance demonstrator. The RDL-45 is a L-band (3-D) long range, phased array, solid-state Deployable Air Defence Radar System. RDL-45 DADR system is designed for detection of air targets, evaluation of co-ordinates of detected targets and identification (IFF/SSR) and jamming strobe sources detection.

Pitradwar unveils its RDL 45 Ground Based Long Range Radar at MSPO 2017 925 001
The RDL-45 Ground Based Long Range Radar at MSPO 2017 (Credit : Army Recognition)

The Radar has an instrumental range of 470 km, has an high mobility and a short deployment time and is able to detect low flying targets.

The air surveillance is made on basis of rotation of a multiple-beam-in-elevation antenna. Target tracks detected are automatically traced. The system has the ability of tracking 200 (or more) objects and jam strobes (jointly) is provided.

The effective operation of the radar in the presence of jamming and clutter is achieved by using advanced, adaptive signal processing techniques and advanced radar resources management (adaptive beam forming, batch processing, etc.).

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