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Nexter promoting full range of artillery systems.

| 2017

Nexter is present in Colombia for the Expodefensa exhibition, being held in Bogota from 4 to 6 December. Currently present in several theatres of operation, notably in Iraq within the Wagram Task Force, the CAESAR self propelled 155mm artillery system will be present on both the Nexter and French Army booths, with two models – one on a 6x6 chassis and the other on an 8x8 chassis.

Expodefensa 2017 Nexter promoting full range of artillery systems 001
Nexter Systems' CAESAR (L) and 105 LG1 (R) artillery systems at Expodefensa 2017

The CAESAR currently appears to represent the best compromise between the simplicity of a  towed artillery piece and the mobility of a self-propelled system. Its fire power, reliability and  low maintenance cost position it as a particularly effective product, irrespective of the environment in which it operates.

A model of the 105 LG1, the 105mm towed artillery system, completes the presentation of the Nexter artillery range. Deployable by a lightweight vehicle, helicopter or even by parachute drop, the 105 LG1 gun is the world's lightest 105mm assault artillery piece and is ideal for providing gunfire support to rapid reaction forces.

The air-land weapon systems, based on the 20mm cannon, designed to be easy to integrate and reliable, are also featured on the Nexter booth with the NC 621 cannon pod for helicopters and light aircraft. This system meets the needs of forces for close-range air-air and air-ground fire support. Mounted in nacelle in almost 15 types of helicopter and aircraft, the cannon mounted in the NC 621 pod has proved its effectiveness.

Also presented, the SH20 can be installed on all types of multi-mission helicopter for both self-defence and air-ground fire support. This system differs from the others by its retractable function, allowing a stealthy approach and providing greater fire power beyond the range of heavy machine guns.

Finally, the Group will present its range of ammunition dedicated to tanks (90 mm), artillery systems (155mm and 105mm), naval systems (76mm) and all medium-calibre systems in land, aeronautical and naval components.

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