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New Alakran 120mm light mobile mortar system at BIDEC 2017.

| 2017

At BIDEC 2017, the Bahrain International Defense Exhibition and Conference, the Spanish Company Everis Aerospace and Defense presents Alakran, a new generation of mobile 120mm mortar system which can be integrated to standard 4x4 platform with minimum of modification on the vehicle using technology to avoid the shot recoil effect into the vehicle.

Alakran 120mm light mobile mortar system Everis Aerospace Defence BIDEC 2017 first edition of Bahrain defense Exhibition 925 001 Spanish Everis Aerospace and Defense Alakran 120mm mobile mortar system mounted on Toyota Landcruiser at BIDEC 2017, Bahrain International Defense Exhibition and Conference.

In the case of a 120mm mortar shooting with 7 chargers (or a maximum range of over 8,000 m. the recoil will be equivalent to a mass of 3.600 Kg falling from 5 meters. This is a very large force, and would require a very heavy vehicle, together with a recoil absorber system to manage the huge amount of energy Traditionally, this solution was the one adopted by the industry, until the development of the Alakran by NTGS, a company of the Everis Aerospace and Defense Group.

With its new technology, Alakran solves the operational problems of current mortar carriers as overload, vehicle reinforcement, large platforms, overheating, limited firing capabilities, etc.

Since it doesn't use any recoil absorber system, Alakran is easy to operate and it keeps the traditional mortar tube effectiveness and efficiency. Likewise, its electromechanical aiming system provides high speed and accuracy in its operation.

Alakran software incorporates GIS technology and new features such as the Zonal Shooting and Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact system that simplifies operations by increasing the mortar effect over the enemy.

Alakran 120mm light mobile mortar system Everis Aerospace Defence BIDEC 2017 first edition of Bahrain defense Exhibition 925 002

At BIDEC 2017, The Alakran 120mm mortar system is mounted on Toyota chassis Landcruiser but it can be easily integrated on other light vehicles such as Jeep J8 and, Land Rover, or any other pickup vehicle from 1.5 ton payload without the need for structural reinforcements.

Thanks to its unique technology, Alakran provides all the lethal capability of the 120mm mortar, with a maximum range of 8,250 m, operating at high speed and mounted on a standard light vehicle.

The Alakran can be ready to fire in only 30 seconds. The system can be operated with a crew of two and the vehicle can carried a total of 40 rounds located on storage boxes on each side of the vehicle.

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