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MSPO 2017: UAVS Poland exhibits the DC-01 UAV.

| 2017

UAVS Poland SP. Zoo is exhibiting the DC-01 Mucha at MSPO 2017, Kielce, Poland. The DC-01 Mucha iis a mutli-rotor UAV designed to carry optoelectronic, measuring or combat equipment.

d01 mucha uav mspo 2017 925 001 The DC-01 Mucha in its reconnaissance variant

The long flight time of the DC-01 Mucha (up to 50 min), high flying capacity (payload of 16kg) and maximum speed of 20 m/s makes it a versatile construction that will cope the modern battlefield. The DC-01 Mucha come in a spray tank variant: the Mucha "Agro". It is equipped with a 5l spray tank designed to spray an area of approximatively 1.5ha in on flight. The DC-01 Mucha Agro can also be fitted with a multi/hyperspectral and thermal camera for quick overview of crops status or map the temperature distribution in agricultural area. The DC-01 Mucha is equipped with a gyroscopic optoelectronic head with three axes stabilization. The stabilization system provides a perfectly smooth images from boh the daylight and the thermal camera. Daylight camera provides 30x optical zoom and software image stabilization. The thermal camera enables night observation at 640x512 pixels quality.

The kit also includes the llight mobile control station based on the MIL-STD-810G, IP65 and MIL-STD-461F-compliant rugged Getac F110. The tablet features a 11.6" screen. The control station was designed by active UAV operators for professionals. Equipped with ergonomic joysticks, switcvhes and buttons, it provides the ability to operate unmanned aircraft for long periods of time, without causing operator fatigue. The DC-01 Mucha kit includes also a Peli transport case, which is also a stand-alone servicing table. This approach to transporting and storing the platform greatly reduces the time needed to assemble and prepare for flight. The case is hermetic, equipped with a decompression vavle, which makes it possible to transport DC-01 Mucha UAV by air.

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