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MineWolf MW240 mine clearing system in service with Colombia.

| 2017

The Minewolf MW240, a tracked mine clearing vehicle is in service with the Colombian armed forces. The vehicle was designed by the Swiss Company Minewolf which is now a branch of the British Company Pearson Engineering Ltd, a leading provider of Combat Engineer equipment.

MineWolf MW240 Pearson Engineering mine clearing system in service with Colombia army 925 001
MineWolf MW240 tracked mine clearing system

The MineWolf MW240 is a purpose-built remote controlled platform used for the safe and effective clearance of explosive devices including landmines, IEDs and cluster munitions. Its light-weight construction and compact dimensions make this vehicle easily transportable to remote high-threat areas.

The MineWolf MW240 is a robust and proven solution designed to operate in challenging environments. It offers multifunctional use with the possibility of attaching various tools to the front of the machine and camera systems.

The MineWolf MW240 is a light remote controlled machine and is easily transportable, and used for deployments in remote areas for smaller tasks. It has a 240hp DEUTZ diesel engine and high mobility with maximum clearance capacity of 2,000m²/h.

The MineWolf MW240 can clear the AP and AT mines of up to 15kg TNT with a continuous ground penetration capacity of up to 25cm deep, including vegetation removal. It can be remotely controlled with operating distance of up to 1,000 m.

Around 40 units of MineWolf have been delivered to more than 15 countries, including Sudan, Lebanon, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Jordan and Afghanistan. The machine has been sold to Latin America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Clients include the German Army, the United Arab Emirates’ Land Forces and the US Department of Defense.

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