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IDEF 2017: Otokar's Arma armoured vehicle now fitted with Mizrak-S turret 20905175.

| 2017
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IDEF 2017
International Defence Industry Fair

9 - 12 May 2017
Istanbul, Turkey
Otokar at IDEF 2017
IDEF 2017: Otokar's Arma armoured vehicle now fitted with Mizrak-S turret
Otokar showcases four configurations of the multi-wheeled armoured vehicle range ARMA at IDEF 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey. The ARMA family, which can be fitted with different weapon systems from 7,62 mm to 105 mm, is presented with the new MIZRAK-S 30 mm turret, introduced for the first time at IDEF.

Otokar's Arma 8x8 armoured vehicle fitted with new MIZRAK-S turret
The new MIZRAK-S Remote Controlled Turret System is again fitted with a 30mm main gun co-axial 7.62 mm auxiliary machine gun. The turret is controlled by a gunner seated inside the vehicle under armour. 30mm armour piercing, high explosive and all other types of ammunition available for the cannon as well as optional programmable ammunition can be fired from the turret, which thanks to its compact size and low weight can be integrated into armoured vehicles with limited capacity and also uses the vehicle’s payload and volume efficiently.

MIZRAK-S features the latest generation digital fire control system architecture, and independently stabilized gunner sight utilizing highest performance cooled thermal camera, CCD camera and laser range finder, offering optional independent commander sight system and hunter-sniper feature. MIZRAK-S, which can be integrated to the existing command control systems, provides target tracking function to the gunner.

Otokar new MIZRAK-S 30 mm turret
Highly modular and capable, the ARMA product family is an ideal platform for various purposes and a wide variety of missions, offering a low-profiled solution suited for existing and future combat conditions depending on the modern armies’ survivability, protection and mobility needs. ARMA draws attention with its high combat weight and spacious interior, and thanks to its amphibious kit, is able to wade in water at 8kmh without any advance preparation.

The visitors get the chance to see two ARMA 6x6 for different missions, and two ARMA 8x8 with different battle weights at IDEF. These platforms are displayed with Otokar designed MIZRAK and MIZRAK-S 30 mm turret systems, BOZOK 12,7 mm MKT turret system, and KESKIN DUAL turret systems.



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