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General Robotics introduces Less-Lethal Weapon module for its DOGO robot.

| 2017

General Robotics launches a Less-Lethal Weapon (LLW) module attached to the DOGO robot for special units and police forces. The Less-lethal module was designed to allow intervention forces to neutralize the threats by remote control while reducing the risk of inadvertent lethal injuries to a target or bystanders.

General Robotics introduces Less Lethal Weapon module for its DOGO robot 001General Robotics' DOGO robot
(Credit: General Robotics)

The demand for a Less-Lethal solution against terrorism is a derivative of changes in the world of terrorism in recent years, especially since the rise of ISIS in Syria and Iraq. The war against ISIS and its weakening in the Middle East caused ISIS to shift its activities to the streets of Europe.

Some of these terrorist attacks took place on places crowded with innocent civilians. As a result, in such places the use of lethal weapons may be problematic. However, these are also events in which a fast and decisive neutralization of the terrorist is essential.

With the DOGO LLW module, the system enables the Special Forces full discretion of the lethality level which is to be used under the circumstances, as activating an accurate lethal or less lethal weapon can be done by a push of a button.

From an operational point of view, the use of less-lethal enables the attacker to be neutralized with minimum collateral damage, and with the functional capability of being able to interrogate the attacker.

The DOGO is a 10 Kg Ultra-Light Hand-Held Anti-Terror Robot managed by remote control. The variety of tasks in which the DOGO LLW takes part include Anti-terror, Hostage rescue, Close quarter combat, Fatal funnel clearance, Urban warfare, Tunnels, ISR and Target detection.

The DOGO LLW includes a Remote Controlled Pepper Spray Module. It features an effective range of approximately 18 feet; capsicum and an invisible ultraviolet light sensitive dye for suspect identification; and a a powerful NIR front projector.

It also includes a Remote Controlled Dazing Light Module features stun light and tactical light. It also induces aversion responses from approaching persons and has an effective range day time of 5m, and 10m at night time.

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