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General Dynamics Mission Systems Introduces Fortress Wireless Gateway Product.

| 2017

General Dynamics Mission Systems introduces the new Fortress® Wireless Gateway, allowing users to connect quickly and securely to a wireless network to enhance and extend wireless network coverage. Designed as a secure communications gateway for tactical, public safety and industrial applications, the Wireless Gateway provides connectivity, roaming and mesh networking capabilities, in both licensed and unlicensed spectrum, for Wi-Fi and LTE networks. Compatible with 802.11 and 3GPP networking standards, users can also connect their existing mobile devices, like smartphones, cameras and tablets to the network via the new Wireless Gateway. Weighing only seven pounds, its compact design enables rapid and easy transportation and integration into vehicles for mobile applications.

GDMS FortresssWirelessGateway AUSA 2017 The new Fortress Wireless Gateway enables military and public safety personnel to rapidly deploy, or extend a secure wireless network anywhere, anytime.

“Secure wireless connections are critical in rural, isolated tactical settings or in congested city environments, particularly in environments where extended network coverage is needed but unavailable due to a loss or lack of wireless network infrastructure,” said Mike Guzelian, a vice president of General Dynamics Mission Systems. “The Wireless Gateway delivers easy access and immediate mobility of wireless networks ensuring connectivity wherever our customers operate.”

The Wireless Gateway supports multiple licensed U.S. federal and NATO frequency bands providing government and military personnel access to a dedicated network avoiding potential interference from congested, public unlicensed networks and avoiding the costs associated with accessing a commercial cellular network. The Wireless Gateway also supports the 802.11 mesh networking standards.

The Wireless Gateway includes the highest levels of industry-standard encryption and meets commercial and government security standards. Specifications include:
· Operating frequencies:
- LTE: Commercial and Federal L, S and C bands.
- Wi-Fi: Unlicensed and Federal L, S and C bands.

· Network interoperability:
- IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n access point, mesh point.
- IPv4 and IPv6.
- Integrated DHCP and DNS.

· Security:
- FIPS 140-2 encryption.
- NSA Suite B cryptography.
- WPA2 Personal and Enterprise.
- IPsec.

The new Fortress Wireless Gateway is part of the Fortress Wireless networking family of products consisting of a Virtual Core Network (VCN), eNodeB base stations and user equipment for always-on, high-speed wireless network access. These industry-leading Mesh and 4G LTE products are size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) optimized; rugged, frequency agile, support distributed network environments and are waveform and cyber hardened securing voice and data communications.

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