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Delair's DT26M tactical drone at Expodefensa 2017.

| 2017

Since 2012, the French drone maker Delair, with the help of the French DoD has developed dedicated solutions that are the most proficient on the market today. Among other is the DT26M, an extremely silent and discreet tactical UAV with a high-grade encryption datalink, long range telecommunications, and vision systems capable of managing GPS spoofing.

Delair tech DT26M 001
Delair Tech DT26M tactical drone at Expodefensa 2017

With a 50 km range of encrypted communication, an endurance of up to 135 min and a cruise speed of 567 km/h, the DT26M is specifically designed for ISTAR, patrol and convoy escorting, target acquisition and damage assessment, or even border security missions.

Delair Tech's DT26M features unrivalled image quality with on-board stabilization, video tracking, movement detection, human detection at a distance of more than 1.5 km, both night & day. The drone is made of composite materials and EPP foam, giving it a weight of only 15 kg payload included.

The DT26M is also equipped with advanced automatic fail safe modes, with emergency parachute. Safety analysis conducted according to Aeronautical Standards, namely ARP4761.

It is field-proven in the harshest conditions (desert, rocks, mountain, tropical forest, snow, etc.),
capable of landing on any type of ground, with robust protection for the payload.

Stealth & mobil, the DT26M is silent (undetectable by night), has no radar signature and can be deployed in the feld within 8 minutes by a single operator.


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