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Carboline highlights combat-proven Mara-2 UAS at Arms and Security 2017.

| 2017

Since 2014, unmanned aerial vehicles have become one of the primary needs of a the Ukrainian armed forces. Among the the UAV systems used most widely for ISR purposes in the Eastern Ukraine theater is the Mara-2 produced by Carboline LLC.

Carboline higlights combat proven Mara 2 UAS at Arms and Security 2017 001 
Carboline's Mara-2 mini UAS at Arms & Security 2017

The Carboline Mara-2 is an easy to use, fast in deployment, simple in integration unmanned aerial system.

This mini UAV only has a 2.5 kg take-off weight. Its EO/IR gimble allows day and night surveillance in a 60 to 90 km operational range using daylight, thermal or multispectral sensors. Potential payloads include daylight camera with zoom, or fixed focus camera, or multi-sensor payload.

The hand-launched Mara-2 has a wingspan of 1.95 m. Its low noise electrical power unit allows it to fly at a maximum speed of 90 km/h with an endurance of 90 min.

Carboline's UAS is equipped with automatic take-off and landing system. A single surveillance flight can monitor up to 400 ha with GSD from 5cm per pixel. It can be deployed in less than 6 minutes by only one soldier.

The Mara-2 also include a rugged ground control station with user friendly interface and an autonomous antenna tracker with narrow directed antennas for long range missions. It allows up to 6 hours of autonomous works thanks to its wide range of input voltage (10-30V DC).

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