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BMPT Terminator 2 used by Russian army during Zapad-2017 exercise.

| 2017

The combat tank-support vehicle (BMPT) Terminator 2 designed by the Uralvagonzavod Scientific and Production Corporation of Rostec State Corporation was for the first time engaged at the strategic Zapad-2017 (West-2017) exercise, the military Zvezda TV channel reported.

BMPT Terminator 2 used by Russian army during Zapad 2017 exercise 640 001
BMPT Terminator 2 fire support vehicle at Army-2017, International Military Technical Forum near Moscow, Russia.

"The Terminator 2 combat tank-support vehicle was for the first engaged," a correspondent reported from the drills at Luzhsky range in Leningrad region. Zvezda footage showed a vehicle option that was tested in Syria and also demonstrated at the Army-2017 forum. At the Zapad-2017 exercise the vehicle fired 30mm automatic 2A42 guns and antitank guided Ataka missiles.

The first version of the Terminator BMPT-72 was presented in 2002 at an arms show in Nizhni Tagil. It has a major fire power and protection, command control and can provide efficient fire support to tanks and infantry in all types of combat in various climatic zones and in any time of the day.

The Terminator-2 in contrast to the previous model has upgraded orientation and fire control systems. The combat weight of the vehicle is 44 tons. It is armed with a powerful set of armaments, including two 30mm automatic 2A42 guns and coaxial 7.62mm machinegun PKTM to destroy light-armored targets and troops. Two coaxial launchers fire supersonic Ataka missiles to destroy highly protected targets in the whole firing range. The automatic weapons have a major round of ammunition - 850 cartridges for the guns and 2100 for the coaxial machinegun.

All remotely-controlled armaments (automatic guns, machinegun and guided missiles) are mounted outside the manned compartment of the superstructure. The fire control system is automated, round-the-clock with a multichannel sight unit which efficiently detects, identifies and destroys targets.

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