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AUSA 2017: Ukrainian company SpetsTechnoExport displays its new Fantom-2 Unmanned Multipurpose Vehicle.

| 2017

At AUSA 2017, the Ukrainian company SpetsTechnoExport showcases its new Fantom-2 8x8 Unmanned Multipurpose Vehicle. The Fantom-2 is a  8x8 Unmanned Ground Vehicle which can be used as ambulance and rescue vehicle, combat and fire support vehicle, ammunition supply vehicle, reconnaissance vehicle,...

AUSA 2017 Ukrainian company Spets Techno Export displays its Fantom 2 Unmanned Multipurpose Vehicle
The Fantom-2 8x8 UGV at AUSA 2017

The main difference between the new 8x8 Fantom 2 and the previous 6x6 Fantom are the wheel arrangement and the dimensions. These modifications allows for bigger payloads and, correspondingly, for more powerful weapons on top of the platform. Thanks to the increased dimensions (4,200 mm instead of 3,000 mm for the 6x6 Fantom), the developers managed to install a more powerful engine (80Kw) and increase the distance it can cover with a single fuelling (about 60 km in offroad conditions). This significantly increased the Fantom's manoeuvrability and improved its offroad performance.

The Fantom-2 can optionnally be fitted in a 8x8 wheeled-caterpillar version which increases its offroad capabilities.

The version of the Fantom-2 showcased at AUSA 2017 is the fire support vehicle. It is fitted with three different systems: the Taipan combat module, the Strila-M assault salvo combat module and an anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) system.

The Taipan combat module is composed of a twin-barreled 23mm cannon which has a rate of fire from 5 to 3,400 rds/min and effective range of 1,800 m. The Taipan module also includes a day observation device with television camera offering the ability to track targets from 100 to 4,000 m and a thermal imager for night observation which has a detection range of 2,500m.

The Strila-M assault salvo combat module can fire 20 unguided RS-80 missiles at a maximum range of 7,000 meters.

The Anti-Tank missile system can fire 130mm guided-missiles up to 5,000 meters.

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