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Arctic version Tor-MU missile system exhibited 82408172.

| 2017
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Army 2017
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22 - 27 August 2017
Moscow, Russia
JSC Kupol Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant at Army 2017

Arctic variant of the Tor-M2 Surface-to-air missile system is shown at the Army 2017 exhibition

At Army 2017, JSC Kupol Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant (IEMZ Kupol) has presented a prototype of the Tor-M2DT SAM system developed to operate in Arctic conditions, Zvezda TV channel writes.
"This is an Arctic version (Tor-M2DT) of the SAM system intended for service in the Arctic," Igor Ivanov, Kupol’s director for military-technical cooperation, said. "Its combat assets are mounted on a two-unit cross-country tracked chassis, so that the SAM system can operate in off-road conditions, rugged, snow- and ice-covered terrain. It is mounted on the DT-30PV Vityaz all-terrain two-unit articulated tracked vehicle: the first section carries a crew life support module and the Tor control systems, while the second one accommodates an antenna/launcher. The DT-30PV has the specific ground pressure of just 0.3 kg/cm2, i.e. less than for the man. In other words, the vehicle can easily navigate both deep snow and ice ridges. At the same time, its speed is up to 37 km/h, and the maximum climbing angle is 30 degrees."

The capabilities of the all-terrain vehicle as a platform were clearly demonstrated in March 2017 during a 2,400-kilometer run along the route Tiksi-Kotelny Island-Cape Holy Nose-Strait of Laptev-Strait of Sannikov-Tiksi. All the necessary conditions were created for the Arctic Tor’s crew to effectively operate the SAM system in the Arctic winter conditions. The SAM system’s combat assets were also tailored for operation at low temperatures: the SAM system is able to operate at extremely low temperatures (up to minus 60 degrees), in a snowstorm with a wind force exceeding 35 m/s.
Kupol has supplied the target amount of modern equipment in recent years. So, the four battalion sets of the Tor-M2U and Tor-M2 SAM systems were shipped to the customer last year. Moreover, the manufacturer managed to radically improve the performance of its products. In particular, short-range weapons gained a capability to fire on the move. During tests, the Tor-M2U engaged targets while moving at 25 km/h, and quite recently, firings were also carried out when the vehicle moved at 45 km/h. In fact, according to experts, the Tors are capable of providing continuous cover for troops on the march and during a maneuver in combat.

The modified Tor-M2 systems were fielded in 2016. This system is an advanced version of the Tor-family SAM systems. Compared to the previous version, it features twice the number of missiles having improved operational characteristics. The target kill probability with such ammunition is estimated as close to 100 percent. This made it possible to abandon the practice of simultaneously firing two missiles against one target. "Today, the Tors operate on the "one target - one missile" principle," emphasizes Igor Ivanov.


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