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US and India sign Logistics Support Agreement 41304162.

| 2016
Defence & Security News - (India)
US and India sign Logistics Support Agreement
The United States and India have signed a Logistics Support Agreement, which allows the two sides to share their military logistics infrastructure. Under the agreement, both sides will be able to access each other’s ground, naval and air bases for the purposes of resupply, repair and rest.
US and India sign Logistics Support Agreement
US Defence Secretary during his arrival at New Delhi (Photo: US Department of Defense)

The document was signed during US Defence Secretary’s recent visit to New Delhi, which is the second one in less than a year. The memorandum outlines the principles. Talks will continue before signing the final agreement, which will be tailored to India’s considerations.

China’s assertive policy and its growing naval presence in the region has been the catalyst for the two countries moving forward with the agreement. Washington has been pushing for its signing for the last ten years. New Delhi was reluctant to sign it, as it was afraid that such an act would be an obstacle to its autonomous foreign policy pursued for many years. Nevertheless, bordering with China and Pakistan, which is a close ally of Beijing, are critical factors in India’s decision-making process.

Moreover, the US government has offered a series of collaborations and access to military technologies. Such an example is their joint work in aircraft carrier design and the willingness of Washington to transfer technologies related to the new aircraft self-arrest system that will equip US Navy’s Ford-class of aircraft carriers.

The US is interested in signing more agreements with India in order to expand their cooperation in information exchange and access to safe communication and geospatial intelligence.



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