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Stankomash resumes production of parts for Smerch MLRS TASS 52608152.

| 2016
Defence & Security News - Stankomash
Stankomash resumes production of parts for Smerch MLRS
The Stankomash company (a member of the KONAR industrial group) in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk has resumed the production of components for the Smerch multiple-launch rocket system following a five year interruption, the firm’s press office has told TASS.
Stankomash resumes production of parts for Smerch MLRS 640 001
The Smerch multiple-launch rocket system at Army 2015 (Photo Vitaly Kuzmin)
"The Chelyabinsk-based Stankomash plant, which is part of the KONAR industrial group, has manufactured Smerch multiple-launch rocket system components for the first time in five years. The first batch [which volume, customer and other details have not been disclosed] has been delivered in August," the press office said.

The production of Smerch components was discontinued in 2012, because the plant had gone bankrupt. "This year, we have managed to resume the production in only three months and a half. The manufacturing processes have been brushed up, the equipment restored, new production floors set up and personnel trained and tested. Then followed the qualification tests of the products, in which representatives of the Russian Defense Ministry took part," the press office reported.

The manufacturer is planning to productionize the components of the Buratino self-propelled heavy flamethrower by 2017. "We have never before made these products. Therefore, productionizing it is a milestone to us. We expect 1,000 components for the TOS-1 Buratino to be shipped to the customer in 2017. This is a lot, and the company will have its hands full," the press office added.

According to official sources, Stankomash in Chelyabinsk is capable of researching into, developing, testing and producing multipurpose military engineer hardware, target missiles and mine rollers/plows for the Russian Armed Forces and for export. The company is Russia’s sole supplier of a whole number of examples of military equipment.
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