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Eurosatory Live Demonstration: SEA's Carapace fuel tank truck.

| 2016
Eurosatory 2016 Official news online coverage report show daily pictures video International Exhibition of Land Defence & Security army military equipment Paris France industry technology
Eurosatory 2016
Defence & Security International Exhibition
Official News online with Editorial and Web TV
, France
13 - 17 June 2016
French Army at Eurosatory 2016
Eurosatory Live Demonstration: SEA's Carapace fuel tank truck
For the 25th edition of Eurosatory, one of the biggest defense and security exhibitions in the world, the French Army's Military Fuel Service (Service des Essences des Armées - SEA) will highlight its Carapace fuel tank truck during each live demontration, being held at 10h00 and 15h30hrs.
Eurosatory Live Demonstration SEA s Carapace fuel tank truck 640 001SEA's Carapace fuel tank truck at Eurosatory 2016 live demonstration
French Army unveiled the CaRaPACE (Camion Ravitailleur Pétrolier de l’Avant à Capacité étendue) during the rehearsal of military parade for the Bastille Day 2013. To reduce the vulnerability of its vehicles in overseas operations, the SEA launched the acquisition of a deployable trucks equipped with armoured cabin and a self-protection weapon.

The first prototype of the vehicle was delivered to the Fuel Services of the French Army in March 2013.

A long period of testing has been conducted by the French Army procurement agency (DGA) from April 2013 to September 2014. The various tests perform by the DGA helped to control the operation capabilities of this new military fuel tanker truck.

In Afghanistan, NATO has undergone several attacks of fuel tankers, for this reason, the French Army understood the need to strengthen the protection of his refueling vehicles with shielding and self-protection weapons.

The fuel tank is mounted on a trailer towed by a 8x8 Scania truck which is equipped with an armoured cabin to provide protection for the crew against firing of small arms and shell splinters.

The top of the crew cabin is equipped with a remote weapon station armed with a 12.7mm heavy machine gun. Firing tests with the new truck took place in March 2012.

The SEA, which translates as the Military fuel service is an inter-service branch of the French Army subordinate to the head of the defence staff. Recruits are taken both from the French military as a whole and from civilian life.



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