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Army 2016: KPE displays its Bars 8x8 Infantry Combat Vehicle 20709165.

| 2016
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Army 2016
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6 - 11 September 2016
Moscow, Russia
Press Release Army 2016
Army 2016: KPE displays its Bars 8x8 Infantry Combat Vehicle
The South African company Paramount Group and Kazakhstan Enginneer are showcasing new generation of 8x8 Infantry Combat Vehicle dubbed "Barys" at Army 2016 exhibition, being held until September 11 in the Moscow region, Russia.
Barys unveiled at Army 2016 001KPE's new Barys infantry combat vehicle is highly based on the Mombe 8x8 armoured vehicle
The Barys is the Kazakh name of Paramount Group's Mbombe 8 which is the latest variant of combat armoured vehicle from the Mbombe military vehicles family.

At KADEX 2016, the Barys is fitted with a new turret marketed by the Russian Defense Company Uralvagonzavod, called AU-220M Bajkal.

The AU-220M Bajkal is remote controlled weapon station armed with BM-57 57mm automatic cannon, developed by CRI BUREVESTNIK and proposed by Uralvagonzavod. This canon is a modification of the Soviet 57 mm S-60 anti-aircraft gun.

This high caliber automatic cannon has an effective range of 6 km and fires at a rate of 120–140 rds/min. The turret traverses 360° across the azimuth and has an elevation range between -8° and +70°. A total 80–100 rounds are carried within the turret with an additional 100 stowed away. The 57 mm automatic cannon provides engagement of light armoured and soft targets, ATGM crews, and even aerial targets (UAVs, precision-guided munitions, aircraft and helicopters).

The Barys offers ballistic STANAG 4569 Level 3 which provides protection against firing of small arms 7.62×51mm AP (WC core) at 30 meters with 930 m/s and mine protection Level 4b STANAG 4569 that provides protection 10 kg of TNT under any wheel or track location and under the center of floor vehicle.

The Barys can carried a total of 11 military personnel including commander, driver and gunner. The vehicle has a total weight of 19,000 kg.




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