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Vývoj Martin unveils Tatrapan 8x8 Container Carrier for BAE Systems antenna radar cabin at IDET 20051536.

| 2015
IDET 2015
Official Online Show Daily News and Official Web TV
International Defence & Security Technologies Fair
19 - 21 May 2015
Brno, Czech Republic
Vývoj Martin unveils Tatrapan 8x8 Container Carrier for BAE Systems antenna radar cabin at IDET
During IDET 2015, Slovakian defence company VÝVOJ MARTIN presents with BAE Systems a mobile radar cabin mounted on a Tatrapan 8x8 chassis. BAE Systems intends to respond to a tender for the replacement of Czech Republic 3D radar.
Vývoj Martin unveils Tatrapan 8x8 Container Carrier for BAE Systems antenna radar cabin at IDETVÝVOJ MARTIN Tatrapan 8x8 container carrier fitted with a radar control cabin at IDET 2015

VÝVOJ MARTIN, a.s. developed Tatrapan 8x8 container carrier in years 2011-2012, armoured vehicle with unique Tatra chassis characteristics of the 7th series. The Tatrapan presented at IDET 2015 Defence Exhibition is fitted with an Hermetic spacious cabin protected against EMI/EMC. Inside the cabin is installed the control equipment of the BAE System Commander SL radar.

Adapting its electronic equipment on local truck chassis allows BAE Systems to offers a better response to the tender for 3D mobile air defense radars for Czech Army. Indeed with such systems Czech Army could improve its logistic and maintenance services by harmonising its truck fleet.

TATRAPAN is designed to protect the crew through internal on-board technology, both in the cab and superstructure, against 7.62 mm armour missiles and shrapnel. The special design of the base provides increased resistance to mine explosion. The TATRAPAN has excellent off-road capabilities, based on the permanent all-wheel drive. It has one central differential and 3 lockable differentials, independently sprung and swinging axle shafts, and a backbone frame with a support tube with excellent tensional rigidity and central tire inflation. The TATRAPAN cabin is armoured, two-seated equipped with a lid with the possibility to mount a turret, and covered with protective thermal insulation materials. It is equipped with modern day-night observation devices, communications systems, heating and a filtered ventilation system. The cab can be hydraulically titled and is equipped with a mechanical lock.

The TATRAPAN is designed to carry a variety of special purpose bodies. Quick clampsing devices with centring pins ensure attachment of a superstructure, allowing the use of different superstructures on one chassis. The time needed to exchange a superstructure is up to sixty minutes. The superstructures designed for passenger transport are delivered with an effective air-conditioning. Large capacity of the interior space allows for installation of special equipment for radio electric combat, fire control system, medical equipment and other systems under armoured protection.

VÝVOJ Martin is presenting its products on stand 074, hall P at IDET 2015.


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