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Theon Sensors is exhibiting its night vision systems at Expodefensa 2015 40212151.

| 2015
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Expodefensa 2015 Show Daily News
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International Defense and Security Trade Fair
30 November - 2 December 2015
Bogota, Colombia
Theon Sensors at ExpoDefensa 2015
Theon Sensors is exhibiting its night vision systems at Expodefensa 2015
Greek Company Theon Sensors presents at Expodefensa is an internationally recognized developer and manufacturer of night vision products which are in service today with a wide number of Armed Forces around the world. The company is showcasing its main products as the Argus Panoptes binocular products range.
Theon Sensors is exhibiting its night vision systems at Expodefensa 2015 640 001Theon Sensor at Expodefensa 2015

THEON Sensors is the main supplier of Night Vision Equipment to the Greek Army, an international network of customers and partners has been established. In fact, THEON Sensors supplies its systems to Armed Forces and Police in 12 countries all around the world out of which 6 countries are NATO members. In addition, THEON Sensors cooperates with renowned vehicle manufactures from around the world supplying Night Vision Driver Viewers for armoured vehicles and main battle tanks.

The company is showcasing its NX-222B which is a full MIL-SPEC, multi-purpose, passive, binocular night vision device. The NX-222B can be handheld, head or helmet mounted.

The NX-222B binocular has been designed to meet the need for a rugged night vision binocular in ground and sea-based applications that require increased depth perception,like vehicle driving or other demanding applications.

The NX-222B is based on the new improved version NX-122B monocular which is probably the most advanced night vision monocular available in the market today, providing the end user with a large number of important technical and ergonomic advantages.

Superior optical design (including aspheric elements) with highly optimized multi coated lenses in the IR for increased image sharpness and light transmission. The binocular incorporates two high-resolution image intensifer tubes. The 25-mm eye-relief and the independent interpupillary adjustment accomodate a wider range of users, including those who wear eyeglasses.

The head and helmet mounts are extremely lightweight as well as robust while providing full 4 degrees of adjustement. There is one common dual bridge mount mechanism which can be attached to both helmet and head mount support asemblies, thus the total system weight that needs to be carried by the soldier is reduced and the system logistics are considerably simplified. The two monoculars are attached to the dual bridge with a quick release dovetail interface which allows the user to remove one of the monoculars within a few seconds.
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