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Renk France discloses its new 350S powerpack dedicated for T-type chassis 20309154.

| 2015
MSPO 2015
Official Foreign Online Show Daily News and Official Web TV
International Defense Industry Exhibition & conference
1 - 4 September 2015
Kielce , Poland
Renk France at MSPO 2015
Renk France discloses its new 350S powerpack dedicated for T-type chassis
During MSPO 2015, RENK France unveiled its brand new powerpack 350S, including now a very modern and more powerful engine. The powerpack 350S is the ultimate mobility solution dedicated to the T-72 / T-90 / M-84 and PT-91 mid-life upgrades. Fully automatic transmission ESM350 and high performance cooling system by Renk France, 1000 hp / 1200 hp engine by SCANIA, are now integrated in one single and highly compact block fitting into the T- type chassis without major modifications.
Renk France discloses it new 350S powerpack dedicated for T type chassis 640 001Renk France new 350S powerpack unveiled at MSPO 2015
Renk's new 350S powerpack fits into the existing chassis with only minor modifications. "This makes this powerpack an attractive option for new-production as well as for upgrade programs," announced Renk France.

This brand new powerpack comprises automatic powershift transmission ESM350, well proven on the MBT PT-91M, ARV WZT-4, AEV MID-M and AVLB Leguan of the Malaysian Army, a high performance cooling system designed for hot climatic conditions, and the modern diesel engine DI16 from Scania (Sweden) with a maximum power of 1200hp.

The ESM350 designed by Renk is a 11-speed automatic gearbox, 8 speed forward and 3 speed reverse. It is designed for engine with power up to 1,200 hp and perfectly fits for 40-55t vehicles class. It features drastically increased cooling air flow compared to conventional design, which makes it perfectly tailored for hot countries. 

The complete powerpack can be exchanged in less than one hour in field conditions, improving the fleet availability and reducing the operating costs.

(Credit: Renk France)
The new 350S power pack unveiled by Renk France offer better performances, such as excellent mobility especially in difficult terrain, best agility in urban environments, reduced fuel consumption, and allows top speed of 70km/h – 23km/h in reverse.

Renk's quality of products also ensure ease of maintenance due to the ‘powerpack’ concept and unified maintenance schedule for the engine and the transmission, as well as extended lifetime and high reliability optimized life cycle costs (LCC).

Renk France, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Renk AG, member of MAN SE Group is also an important service provider to the French armed forces, servicing all transmissions of the French Leclerc MBT and AMX-30B2 fleets.




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