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Rapiscan is exhibiting its CounterBomber capable of detecting suicide vests at Milipol 2015 41811154.

| 2015
Milipol Paris 2015 pictures photos images video Worldwide International exhibition of internal State security information description photos images Paris France Porte de Versailles 17 - 20 November  2015
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Worldwide Exhibition of Internal State Security

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19 - 22 November 2015
Paris, France
Milipol 2015
Rapiscan is exhibiting its CounterBomber capable of detecting suicide vests at Milipol 2015
Deployed by security forces around the globe, the CounterBomber system is capable of automatically detecting suicide vests and other person-borne threats at distances outside of the blast danger zone. The result: threats are rapidly detected and mitigated before they can harm personnel or critical infrastructure.
Rapiscan is exhibiting its CounterBomber capable of detecting suicide vests at Milipol 2015 640 001CounterBomber by Rapiscan at Milipol 2015
CounterBomber has been extensively tested by the US Government, and has been fielded to US Armed Forces as well as various International Security Forces at numerous locations world-wide. The CounterBomber system is a proven security asset that provides un-matched protection at high-value locations such as federal buildings, mass transit hubs, hospitals, military bases, and energy plants.

The CounterBomber system is easily and quickly assembled, and once in operation can be configured to assess personnel for threats automatically – with no operator interpretation. In addition, CounterBomber’s intuitive and rugged design reduces training and maintenance costs, and its plug-and-play functionality enables it to be quickly and securely integrated into the command and control (C2) network of virtually any security solution architecture.

The device provides a powerful force protection capability by automatically and accurately detecting concealed threats at stand-off distances.

CounterBomber is a video-steered radar sensor that utilizes cutting edge radar signal processing and video tracking technology to rapidly and accurately assess approaching personnel for the presence of concealed person-borne threats.

While the system has been extensively tested by the United States Government for detection of suicide vests, CounterBomber has also demonstrated the ability to detect other concealed threats such as handguns, machine pistols, etc. CounterBomber has been successfully deployed operationally across the globe since 2007, and has been used in urban, suburban, and rural environments with equal success.

CounterBomber can also readily integrate decision information and live-video streams into standard Command and Control systems for increased situational awareness among security personnel.


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