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PARTNER 2015: EDePro presents the new ALAS-C coastal defense missile system 32606152.

| 2015
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Partner 2015
International Fair of Armaments and Defence Equipment
23 - 26 June 2015
Press release Partner 2015
PARTNER 2015: EDePro presents the new ALAS-C coastal defense missile system
During PARTNER 2015, the Serbia-based company EDePro presented a new variant of its Advanced Light Attack System (ALAS) dedicated to coastal defense. The ALAS-C (Advanced Light Attack System-Coastal) is a fire & forget multipurpose weapon system, intended for coastal defense and OTHT (Over-The-Horizon Targeting) in all operations occuring in naval environment.
PARTNER 2015 EDePro presents the new ALAS C coastal defense missile system 640 001EDePro's new ALAS-C coastal defense missile at PARTNER 2015
The original ALAS system was developed from the Long-Range Advanced Non Line-of-Sight Attack System (LORANA), which was conceived as a long-range, wire-guided, anti-tank missile with a solid motor.

However, interest from the UAE led to the weapon being developed into a land-based, light anti-ship missile with a turbojet motor that pushes its range out to 25 kilometres. The new version is the product of a joint development and integration agreement with Emirates Advanced Research & Technology Holding (EARTH) that was announced at IDEX 201 defense exhibition.

The ALAS-C is highly effective in missions to destroy/incapacitate inflatable boats and small vessels within maximum range of 25 km.

EDePRo's ALAS-C missile is a cable guided missile that in real time links electro optical sensor (TV CCD or IIR homing head) mounted on the nose section of the missile to the operator on the ground via an optical fiber in the real time. This fiber optics technology allows the operator to engage the target from non-line-of site positions, and to continuously watch it through the electro optical sensors of the approaching missile.

The terminal attack phase is based on an autonomous terminal guidance using advanced TV/IIR homing head with improved target selection capabilities in complex scenarios. The ALAS-C has a weight of 67 kg. It is fitted with a 10kg blast fragmentation warhead.
PARTNER 201 EDePro presents the new ALAS C coastal defense missile syste 640 001Technical drawing of EDePro's ALAS-C coastal defense missile system
The capabilities of ALAS-C missile (short reaction time, Fire and Forget, INS/GPS navigation, high target selection, and warhead lethality) allow the system to operate effectively in littoral warfare environments, as well as in blue waters within a reaction time of less than one minute. It flies at an altitude between 50 m and 1,000 m to make it harder to detect.

ALAS-C missile can be launched from land vehicles, small ships or helicopters. A battery of ALAS-C systems will be equipped with a vehicle-mounted radar and electrical-optical sensors to acquire targets. A launcher vehicle will then fire one of its six missiles in the direction of the target. As the missile approaches, the operator can verify the target using the feed from its electro-optical sensor, which can be either a TV or infrared camera, depending on the situation.



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