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Nirbhay cruise missile failed its latest test 41910153.

| 2015
Defence & Security News - (India)
Nirbhay cruise missile failed its latest test
The Nirbhay cruise missile has failed to another fire-test, which took place on Friday 16 October. The indigenous Indian missile was put to a test at the Integrated Test Range at the Balasore district. After having covered almost half of the distance, it dove towards the ground after having failed to take a pre-planned turn. For that reason DRDO’s engineers terminated its flight in order to ensure coastal safety, by activating its self-destruction mode, according to the Organization’s official statement.
Nirbhay cruise missile failed its latest test
The missile during the launching phase (Source: DRDO)

In the first test, in 2013, the missile presented similar problems and it was self-destructed once again. During the second test, exactly a year ago, the missile covered the necessary distance but without maintaining its pre-planned altitude.

Nirbhay is a two-stage, subsonic missile. Its length is 6 m. and its diameter 0.5 m. During launch the weight is 1.5 tons, including various types of warheads with a weight between 300 and 400 kg. With a top speed of Mach 0.8, its maximum range is 1,000 km. Guidance is carried out with an INS. Based on that it can be programmed to fly through different waypoints, at altitudes ranging between 500 m. and 4 km. The launching platform is a Tata 12x12 all-terrain vehicle.



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