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MSPO 2015: Selex ES evaluates Polish partner to produce EO systems for ZSSW-30 turret 20109157.

| 2015
MSPO 2015
Official Foreign Online Show Daily News and Official Web TV
International Defense Industry Exhibition & conference
1 - 4 September 2015
Kielce , Poland
Selex ES at MSPO 2015
MSPO 2015: Selex ES evaluates Polish partner to produce EO systems for the ZSSW-30 turret
Selex ES is currently evaluating a Polish partner to deliver the EO systems for the jointly produced Huta Stalowa Wola/WB Electronics ‘ZSSW-30’ remote weapon turret, the company announced during MSPO 2015, being held from 1-4 September in Kielce, Poland. The turret will equip Poland’s Rosomak APC and the future Polish Borsuk IFV.
MSPO 2015 Selex ES evaluates Polish partner to produce EO systems for the ZSSW 30 turret 640 001Selex ES' Lothar and Janus EO systems will be mounted on the ZSSW-30 remote weapon turret
With the prototype turret containing Selex ES’s systems under qualification, the company has initiated discussions with Polish partners for a long-term industrial collaboration related to the manufacturing and the logistics of the electro-optical systems.

Selex ES was originally contracted by WB Electronics to deliver the commander and gunner sights for the ZSSW-30 qualification phase after an international competition. The company was selected to provide a tailored version of its Lothar and Janus sights specifically suited to Polish requirements. Both are derived from those already deployed by the Italian Army on operations, with the in-service experience having proven the high-precision and high-performance of the systems. Importantly, Selex ES was chosen due to its commitment to transferring technology to Poland and working with a local partner for series production of the system.

By basing production of the add-on electro-optic systems in Poland, Selex ES will be able to combine the benefits of transferring high-performance technology into the country while also assuring the end-user that they will receive an uninterrupted supply of commander and gunner sight systems. The company expects to soon choose an in-country partner to produce the sights while maintaining the performance of the products, also ensuring that there is a local logistic chain in place that can offer the end-user maximum equipment availability at the lowest possible cost. In future, following this programme, Selex ES may look to jointly market Polish-produced Janus and Lothar systems for export.

Selex ES has designed, developed, manufactured, supported and maintained thousands of electro-optic systems over the last 40 years. The company has customers all over the world including Italy and the United Kingdom. Janus and Lothar are operationally proven to provide high performance panoramic sight, day and night, in all-weather. They are production-ready, ensuring that they will be deliverable on-time for the Polish ZSSW-30 turret.


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