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MSP introduces comprehensive range of UAVs at MSPO exhibition 20209158.

| 2015
MSPO 2015
Official Foreign Online Show Daily News and Official Web TV
International Defense Industry Exhibition & conference
1 - 4 September 2015
Kielce , Poland
MSP at MSPO 2015
MSP introduces comprehensive range of UAVs at MSPO exhibition
The Polish aerospace company MSP is showcasing a full range of unmanned aerial systems this week at MSPO 2015 in Kielce, Poland. MSP started in 1996 with the first UAV demonstration for the Polish Border Guard and for the Forest Service to test if there was a market for such products. Twenty years later, MSP had launched dozen of projects, and some are now on display in Poland.
MSP introduces comprehensive range of UAVs at MSPO exhibition 640 001MSP Koziorog "Capricorn Beetle" Unmanned Aerial System" at MSPO 2015
Among numerous projects and prototypes of UAVs, MSP chose to highlight three of them: the Tygrzyk ("Wasp Spider"), Szablak ("Darter"), and Koziorog ("Capricorn Beetle").

The biggest one is certainly the Koziorog, which has been designed for broad spectrum of military and civil applications. In 2014, these UAV was the first registered with civil register in Poland; and successfully passed flight-tests, confirming design assumptions, performance, stability and control.

The Koziorog can take-off from airfields, or with the help of a pneumatic launcher.

Layout of the aircraft ensures the best lift to drag ratio and very wide CG range. It enables the installation of a wide range of sensors and aircraft systems of different masses and sizes, thanks to a payload capacity of 14 kg. The Koziorog has a flight endurance of more than 8 hours and an operational ceiling of 5,000 m. It has an operational range of 80 km. Its twin gas engines allow it to fly at speeds up to 150 km/h.
MSP introduces comprehensive range of UAVs at MSPO exhibition 640 002MSP Tygrzyk "Wasp Spider" small UAS at MSPO 2015
MSP's Szablak has been designed in order to perform any tactical reconnaissance mission, in a range of up to 15km. The "Darter" has an flight endurance of more than 1.5 hour, and can fly at speeds between 40 - 120 km/h. The operational ceiling is comprised between 300 and 600 m. Thanks to its light weight, the Szablak can be hand-launched.

The third one, the Tygrzyk, is an Unmanned Multirotor System created for tactical reconnaissance missions. With a payload capacity of 1.2 kg, this small UAS can be fitted with optional systems, such as stabilized tracking 2 or 3-axis head, photogramettry and mapping head, or thermal/video camera observation head. The Tygrzyk is equipped with a fully automatic flight control, allowing automatice take off and landing, waypoint navigation, heading lock, and safe zones. It can also be manually or GPS assisted controlled. Thanks to its light weight, the "Wasp Spider" is perfectly intended to photogrammetry or mapping missions and allows rapid deployement for multipurpose operations. It can also support civilian missions, such as disaster management or real time surveillance.


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