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General Dynamics and Thales Australia to team for Australia's LAND 400 program Phase 2.

| 2015
Defence & Security Industry News - GDLS & Thales Australia
General Dynamics and Thales Australia to team for Australia's LAND 400 program Phase 2
General Dynamics Land Systems and Thales Australia have signed yesterday, March 10, a teaming memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the intention to submit a bid in response to the Land 400 Phase 2 - Mounted Combat Reconnaissance Capability Request For Tender.
General Dynamics and Thales Australia to team for Australia s LAND 400 program Phase 2 640 001Australian Armored Vehicle (ASLAV), based on General Dynamics' Piranha III armored vehicle
The new vehicle will replace the current fleet of 257 Australian Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV) – based on General Dynamics’ Piranha III. New 8×8 vehicle designs allow for significantly increased weight, supporting much improved protection protection, and electronic system architecture supporting advanced applications, a necessary step toward fully digitized Land Combat Vehicles that will be fielded as part of the follow-on Phase 3 – “Mounted Close Combat Capability”, fielding a replacement for 431 Australian M113s.

General Dynamics Land Systems is the manufacturer of combat-proven 8x8 and tracked Military Off The Shelf (MOTS) Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle (CRV), Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) and Manoeuvre Support Vehicle (MSV) products, and has proven performance in delivering international programs in a timely and cost-effective manner. Thales Australia has an established in-country industrial base of vehicle design, manufacture and through-life support and expertise in electronics, electro-optics, simulation and platform systems integration. The General Dynamics Land Systems / Thales team will offer Australia a compelling value-for-money solution comprising the complete suite of LAND 400 capabilities as required by the Australian Army.

Ian Cook, managing director of General Dynamics Land Systems – Australia, noted: "General Dynamics Land Systems and Thales will leverage our strengths to deliver a low-risk Land Combat Vehicle System capability for LAND 400. This is a great opportunity for us to combine world-leading MOTS 8x8 platforms with proven in-country manufacturing, integration, upgrade and through-life support. Our arrangement will maximise domestic and international opportunities for our Australian industry and builds on the success of our current platforms in protecting Australian soldiers."

Kevin Wall, Armaments & Protected Vehicles Vice President, Thales Australia, said: "General Dynamics is a global powerhouse in military vehicles. Combined with our experience delivering, supporting and upgrading the life-saving Bushmaster in Australia, we believe the collective expertise of our two companies represents a compelling offer for LAND 400."

The two companies have collaborated in the past on a number of international military vehicles programs including Canada’s LAV III Upgrade, the UK Foxhound and Scout SV Programs, Switzerland’s Piranha CBRN Program, and in Australia the ASLAV Program for Crew Procedural Trainer and electro-optics.



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