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Brazilian company Condor is presenting its new electronic device generation SPARK 4031115.

| 2015
Defense & Security 2015
Official Online Show Daily News and Web TV
Tri-Service Asian Defense & Security Exhibition
2 - 5 November 2015
Bangkok, Thailand
Japanese Defense Industry at Defense & Security 2015 Thailand
Brazilian company Condor is presenting its new electronic device generation SPARK
Condor's SPARK is an incapacitating electroshock device that sends electrical pulses acting on the neuromuscular system, causing disorientation, strong muscular contractions and making an individual fall, allowing the Law Enforcer to temporarily incapacitate the aggressor.
Brazilian company Condoris presenting its new electronic device generation SPARK 640 001Condor's stand at Defense and Security Bangkok

It has ambidextrous activating commands and automatic cartridge ejection system. The discharge is made through a progressive-action trigger which, when pulled, allows the device to send electrical pulses for a 5-second period.

In addition to the rapid arming, the SPARK is equipped with a safe ejection system and a safety system to enhance efficiency in the re-arming process. Using an electronic system, the operating cycle is interrupted at the moment the cartridge ejection key is pressed. It has also Wi-Fi connections for a simultaneous wireless data transmission between Spark and Datakit for up to 100 devices within a 15m radius.

LEDs can be electronically disabled for tactical operations. The neutralizer Systemis an electronic neutralization system that disables device operation if spark is removed from the officer’s hand. Automatic shock shut-off 5 seconds after firing: discharge interrupted after 5 seconds. Safer for everyone. The system is rechargeable more than 20.000 shots.


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