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Kazan Helicopter Plant completion development of Mi-8MTV-5M helicopter.

| 2021

The Kazan Helicopter Plant (KVZ, a subsidiary of Rostec’s Russian Helicopters) has completed a research-and-development (R&D) work to design the upgraded Mil-Mi-8MTV-5M utility helicopter, according to the press department of the Russian Helicopters.

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Kazan Helicopter Plant completion development of Mi 8MTV 5M rotorcraft 01 A Russian Mi-8MTV-5-1 showcased at MAKS 2017 (Picture source: Air Recognition)

“The technical terms of reference have been readied for the serial production of the [Mi-8MTV-5M] helicopter,” said the press department in a news release.

The MI-8MTV-5M has its foreign-originated components replaced by Russian-made ones. The rotary-wing platform also features additional pieces of equipment, an updated avionics suite with a multifunctional display and digital autopilot, a modern communications suite, and a Russian-made TA-14 auxiliary power unit.

“We are planning to improve Mil Mi-8/17 (NATO reporting name: Hip) rotorcraft through the integration of main rotor blades from Mil Mi-38 helicopter, and an X-type tail rotor. This technical decision has already been proven and will be integrated with serial [rotary-wing platforms],” said managing director of the Kazan Helicopter Plant Alexey Belikh.

Mi-8MTV-5M is an updated variant of the Mi-8MTV-5 utility rotorcraft, which is used by the Russian military.

Kazan Helicopter Plant completion development of Mi 8MTV 5M rotorcraft 02 Russian Air Force Mi-8MTV-5 (Picture source: Igor Dvurekov)

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