MSPO 2022: PGZ from Poland unveils VSHORAD air defense gun and missile system

Dispersed Anti-Aircraft Artillery-Rocket System is a very sort-range air defense (VSHORAD) system constituting the lowest layer of an air defense system within a 5,000m range.

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PGZ VSHORAD twin-23mm air defense system (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The system designed by PGZ includes the following elements: six sets of truck-mounted twin anti-aircraft automatic guns ZUR23-2SP, 23mm caliber, additionally equipped with two PPZR Grom rockets and Piorun missile launchers operated by electric engines. The operator’s desktop is linked to an optoelectronic observation and tracking system encompassing an alert system. The command post is fully computerized. The triple-coordinate radar system provides all the data needed by the artillery system to track and shoot at the target.

The truck chassis selected for the mounting of the whole weapon system (guns, munition resupply, radar) can be adapted to the customer’s choice. The communication system connects the various components of the VSHORAD via radio communications, optical fiber, or field light wire (PKL). A serial connection between several weapon systems is possible to extend the surface covered by the air defense.