MSPO 2022: PGZ from Poland unveils PGZ-19RA UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

As more than ever demonstrated by the ongoing war in Ukraine, the role of drones, no matter their size, has become crucial on the battlefield. Hence, the trend of developing such devices has become overwhelming among an ever-increasing number of manufacturers around the world. So, PGZ is unveiling its PGZ-19RA at MSPO 2022.

Army Recognition Official Show Daily News and Web TV UMEX 2020 925 001
PGZ-19RA reconnaissance/surveillance UAV (Picture source: Army Recognition)

With a 150kg maximum takeoff weight, the PGZ-19RA has a 7.30m wingspan, a 3.95m length, and a 1.35m height. It needs a ramp to be launched (see further). It can fly at slightly above 70km/h before stalling. The cruising speed is between 90 and 120km/h. The maximum speed is 150km/h. No technical details are available regarding the optoelectronic system installed in the gimball.

The ground control station fits in a standard 15’ container. A 3-man crew is foreseen for the whole range of tasks to be carried on, from takeoff to landing and the flight operation involving the embarked optoelectronic equipment. Being an observation/surveillance drone, the PGZ-19RA is not armed.

The EMW-150 Launch Ramp (referring to the drone’s maximum takeoff weight) has an 11.5m long rail. It needs only one man to be operated.