MSPO 2022: AMZ from Poland presents latest generation of BOBR 3 4x4 amphibious armored vehicle

At MSPO 2022, the Polish Company AMZ presents the latest version of its BOBR 3 4x4 amphibious armored vehicle designed to be used as a reconnaissance vehicle and a new solution to replace the Soviet-made BRDM-2 in service with the Polish army.

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Polish Company AMZ presents the latest generation of its BOBR 3 4x4 amphibious armored vehicle. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The BOBR 3 was fully designed and developed by the Polish company AMZ. It has a conventional layout with the crew at the front and the troop's compartment at the rear. The front of the hull is fitted with two small bulletproof windows and one single door on each side. One additional door is mounted on each side of the middle of the hull. The rear part of the vehicle is able to accommodate up to eight fully-equipped infantrymen.

The hull of the BOBR 3 provides protection up to Level 3 STANAG 4569 against the firing of small arms 7.62mm AP (Armor-Piercing) ammunition and 8 kg of TNT blast explosion under the wheeled and the floor of the vehicle.

The BOBR 3 is motorized with a 6-cylinder Diesel engine coupled to an automatic transmission with 6 forward and one reverse gear. It can reach a top speed of 100 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 600 km. The vehicle is fully amphibious and propelled in the water thanks to two propellers mounted at the rear of the hull.

The BOBR 3 has a maximum combat weight of 16 tons with a length of 6.9 m, a width of 2.5 m, and a height of 2.38 m.