Hanwha Defense from South Korea and PGZ from Poland to enhance bilateral defense industrial partnership

At MSPO 2022, a defense exhibition in Poland, Hanwha Defense, the largest defense company in South Korea, and Poland’s state-funded defense group, Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (PGZ), signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for enhancing bilateral defense industrial partnership.

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During MSPO 2022, on behalf of both companies' CEOs (Mr. Son Jaeil, and Mr. Sebastian Chwalek), Mr. Lee Boo-hwan, Executive Vice President of Overseas Business Division, Hanwha Defense; and Mr. Krzysztof Sola, Vice President of the Management Board of PGZ, attended to sign the MoU. (Picture source Hanwha Defense)

Signed on the second day of the MSPO defense and security fair in Kielce, Poland, the MoU is associated with the supply of K9 Self-Propelled Howitzers (SPHs) and other advanced ground equipment, agreed upon by the Governments of South Korea and Poland under the Framework Contract signed in late July. Hanwha Defense signed the first phase of the executive contract with Poland on August 26 to supply hundreds of K9 SPHs between 2022 and 2026.

The Hanwha-PGZ MoU specifies the partnership at production, servicing, life-cycle cost, and future development of K9 SPHs. Other fields of potential cooperation include infantry fighting vehicles and multiple launch rocket systems when those solutions will be ordered by the Polish Armed Forces.

Cooperation on the K9 SPH is focused on maximizing partnership in areas such as R&D, manufacturing, overhaul and modernization of related solutions for Polish, South Korean and other third-party projects. The roadmap of this cooperation includes the modernization of the K9 to K9PL standard and joint R&D on next-generation field artillery systems.

“I’m very proud that the partnership between Hanwha Defense and Poland has grown to enter a new phase of expanded cooperation based on the latest Framework Agreement and Executive Contract,” said Mr. Son Jaeil, President and CEO of Hanwha Defense. “Poland will be a hub base for Hanwha’s global expansion, especially in Europe. To that end, we are dedicated to work together with the Government of Poland with full partnership and trust.”

“The Polish defence industry has over a decade of fruitful cooperation with Hanwha Defense. The most recognizable effect of this cooperation is the KRAB howitzers, a not-so-distant relative of the K9 SPH,” said Mr. Sebastian Chwalek, CEO of PGZ. “Today’s agreement is the next stage of this cooperation, which will translate into the development of both our economies and an increase in the potential of armed forces of our countries.”

The partnership agreement between the largest defense groups both in South Korea and Poland signifies the progress of bilateral defense cooperation, creating greater synergy in a variety of arms projects.

“Both Hanwha and PGZ have full capabilities to develop, produce, and deliver almost all types of weapons systems ranging from missiles to ground equipment and sensor systems,” said Mr. Billy Lee Boo-hwan, Executive Vice President of Overseas Business Division, Hanwha Defense. “Through active cooperation between the two defense giants, I’m sure we can produce the greatest synergy and best outcomes.”