Hoverbike Raptor flying motorcycle using drone technology MSPO 2017

At MSPO 2017, the International Defense Industry Exhibition , the Polish Company Hoverbike presents for the first time, the Raptor, a flying motorcycle using drone technology. Hoverbike Raptor combines motorcycle with helicopter.

Hoverbike Raptor flying motorcycle drone technology MSPO 2017 defense exhibition Kielce Poland 925 001 The Hoverbike Raptor at MSPO 2017, the International Defense Industry Exhibition in Kielce, Poland.

With the Hoverbike Raptor, the pilot is seated as in a position similar to existing biker’s position. Control will be carried out with the help of a motorcycle-like steering handlebar, and an innovative system of sensors that will provide intuitive machine guidance, as well as unforgettable experiences of flights. The safety of both: the pilot and other vehicles will be controlled by automation systems equipped with intelligent algorithms.

The Hoverbike Raptor is made in terms of the main frame structure of composite materials. It has got two main propellers responsible for hovering and additional propellers used to maneuver. The main propulsion propellers are driven directly by the internal combustion engine, the others are driven by electric motors powered by a generator integrated with the combustion engine. All the engines are controlled from a central control unit together with the stabilization system and steering system which is the result of our project team’s work and is in the patenting process.

The Hoverbike Raptor main drive is an hybrid system consisting of a reinforced Susuki Hayabusa engine with spark ignition and a capacity of 1,300 cc, integrated with a generator of 30 kW which will power the maneuvering motors. The combustion engine has a power of 330 hp.

The version showed at MSPO 2017 is designed to carry one people, but the next version will be able to carry 2 or 3 people. The Hoverbike Raptor has a weight of 300 kg with a maximum payload of 140 kg. It can fly at a maximum speed of 110 km/h at an altitude of 900 m and a maximum range of 150 km.

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