MSPO 2014 : a prestigious presentation forum for military novelties

MSPO 2014
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International exhibition of weapons systems
and military equipment

1 - 4 Sept 2014
Kielce, Poland
Army Recognition at MSPO 2014
  Wednesday, August 27, 2014 03:25 PM
  MSPO 2014 : a prestigious presentation forum for military novelties
From 1st to 4th September 2014 Targi Kielce will be the stage for the 22nd International Defence Industry Exhibition. MSPO is the most important exhibition of the defense industry in Europe and the third largest after Paris and London. For the forth time in its history, the event show is held under the auspices of the Republic of Poland President Bronislaw Komorowski.


The Exhibition of the Polish Armed Forces has become an indispensable element of the MSPO Expo. The presentation organisers are the Inspectorate of Support for the Armed Forces in conjunction with the Land Forces and the Military Police. At the 22nd MSPO's static part of the Polish Armed Forces' exhibition there will the array of what is the best in the Polish army - the assortment includes social-engineering network equipment and armaments of a particular soldier, the giant-size vehicles, tanks, self-propelled guns and 120 mm mortars on tracks and wheels.

In parallel with the International Defence Industry Exhibition, Targi Kielce hosts the 20th International Logistics Fair; the presentation of the latest logistics systems and security solutions. This year's edition will feature, among others, modern communications equipment, ITC systems, emergency rescue systems, defense schemes against weapons of mass destruction to be used by the Border Guards, the Police, Fire Services and Civil Defence Services.

The International Defence Industry Exhibition's tradition is to include Lead Nations' Exhibitions. The 2014 MSPO edition will feature France in the National Defence Industry Exhibition. Some of the French companies have cooperated with Poland's defence industry for a number of years now. The results of this collaboration include: PR4G type trans-receiver made by Radmor or Feniks rocket motors of Roxel and FPS. PHO already implements projects in collaboration with the French [ MBDA France] - there are, inter alia, schemes related to the rocket system the Shield of Poland; on Polish missile launchers you can see the radars of the Thales company. The French Caracal with its EC 725 helicopter competes in the tender for the helicopters for the Polish Army.

This year's MSPO will be the last to host Polish Defensive Holding (PHO) presenting its military equipment achievements. Pursuant to the consolidation concept announced in September last year, all state plants and establishments of this industry sector are to be included in the Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa [Polish Armaments Group]. The consolidation's objective is to enhance a better utilisation of the potential of Polish munitions factories in market dominated by large foreign corporations. At the 22nd MSPO edition the new PGZ holding logo will be presented for the first time.


MSPO 2014 will also include the first-time presentation of the Polish OPL Consortium. The consortium includes 10 companies : PHO LLC as the Leader of the OPL Consortium, PIT RADWAR (former Bumar Electronics), Mesko SA, PCO SA, ZM Tarnów SA, Huta Stalowa Wola SA, CTM SA, the Military Electronic Works SA, Military Communications Works No. 1 and Jelcz Components LLC.The OPL Consortium is the only Poland's enterprise which intends,in collaboration with foreign parties, to undertake the construction of anti-aircraft and anti-missile rocket system of medium and short range.

Visitors will see, among others, national anti-aircraft systems which can co-create with the modern air defense system "Shield of Poland". In addition to the Wisla or Narew missile systems, we will also see the Sola radar system with a car-mounted antenna on Zubr vehicle, the 35 mm anti-aircraft gun SAN on the chassis of the Swiss Oerlikon KDA, the self-propelled anti-aircraft cannons set POPRAD equipped with four Grom missiles and a tracking head integrated with a rocket launcher, also the Mobile Anti-aircraft Missile Defense Kit "PTAKI" [BIRDS] with a new missile element (Sparrow RIM-162ESSM rocket) which cooperates with the modernized KUB set.

This year's trade-fair will be the showcase for both domestic and foreign companies whose offer includes unmanned platforms, et. at.During the trade show the Flytronic company will demonstrate SkyRANGER and UAV Albatros aerostates. The Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT)will be joining the exhibition of to present the multi-task Koliber. WB Electronics Company will for the first time present the whole assortment of Fly-Eye drones. PIAP will put on display the entire family of on-land robots, and among them latest Gryf robot, pyrotechnic & combat Ibis robot, the little reconnaissance Scout robot, the inspection - intervention Inspector robot and the tactical launched robot.

The Expo is much more than the exhibition, its programme also encompasses seminars and congresses, meetings and demonstrations and numerous side events. They provide an ideal opportunity to exchange experiences, to expand knowledge about the latest military technology solutions, to establish contacts and relations as well as to hold talks between the defense industry, the armed forces and government administration.