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Anti-tank missiles.

9P163-1 Portable launcher unit Kornet-E.

The launcher unit 9P163-1 is the portable unit for Kornet-E missile system. This launcher unit can be also mounted to wheeled and tracked combat vehicles.

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The 9P163-1 is the portable launcher unit for the anti-tank guided missile Kornet-E. The combat assets includes the 9P163-1 launcher unit with the 1P45-1 sight-tracker, highly precise mechanical drives and launch mecanism, the 1PN79-1 thermal sight and the 9M 133-1 or 9M133F-1 missiles. The 9P163-1 launcher unit is easy to handle and does not require high qualification or attending personnel. The system can be also fitted to a various range of wheeled and tracked combat vehicles.

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