Milipol 2021: Free Horizons displays Argus Predator UAV armed with 40mm grenade launcher

The Czech Company Free Horizons displays an armed version of its Argus Predator UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) fitted with a 40mm grenade launcher at Milipol 2021, an International homeland security exhibition that takes place in Paris, France.
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Argus Predator UAV armed with 40mm grenade launcher at Milipol 2021, International Homeland Security Exhibition in Paris, France. (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The Argus is a family of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) that weighs between 10 and 20 kg (with batteries) and can carry a payload from 2 to 30 kg. The flight time with electric power (batteries) of the basic version, depending on the payload is about 45 min with a flight speed of up to 55 km / h.

They are manufactured with highly resistant materials and a waterproof finish. In series depending on the version, they are equipped with different types of cameras and with an independent safety system for emergencies.

The use of the Argus Predator UAV system fitted with 40mm grenade launcher adapted to fire non-lethal ammunition at a short distance offers a way to ensure greater safety of life force. There is no need for abseiling to individual windows and throwing paralyzing grenades - not only this is ensured by a drone controlled by the operator from a safe distance.

The 40mm grenade launcher is supplied as a single barrel of four-barrel. The aiming and firing of the projectile is controlled directly by the drone operator based on data from the surveillance camera, aiming camera and tracing laser displayed in the AR (Augmented Reality) glasses.

The grenade launcher is equipped with a central aiming camera, which transmits the image to the AR Glasses and thus provides the operator with up-to-date information about the situation at the observed location and the aiming of the grenade launcher and its immediate use.

For greater clarity, a tracing laser is connected to the camera, which displays the dot of the incident beam in the target and thus allows the operator to aim very precisely. Any standard 40mm grenades can be fired from the grenade launcher according to the user's needs.

Using that type of armed drone will reduce the number of group members needed for the intervention. It will cause a psychological effect by using this multi-purpose modern technology.