VTQ presents rifle scope with wireless video transmission

At Milipol Paris 2017, the German Company VTQ Videotronik presents its new and cutting edge VTQ Rifle Scope system that is convincing with a radio transmission of brilliant HD-Video. Wireless video transmissions from VTQ are highly rugged against any disturbance and offer a maximum of security of the transmitted data through a 256 BIT-AES encryption engine.

VTQ from Germany presents rifle scope with wireless video transmission at Milipol Paris 2017 France 001
VTQ Videotronik from Germany presents new rifle scope with radio data transmission for HD-video at Milipol Paris 2017 in France.

All components of the system are perfectly aligned to each other and therefore the VTQ Rifle Scope System can be used for a wide range of applications. This makes the system very unique, because it can be the solution of many different problems.

Mobile applications usually need agility and a maximum of flexibility. Therefore the system can be used at a minimal version, using only the transmitter with the telescope optic. The integrated telemetry makes it possible to control the video from the scope. For example changing the camera between day and night visions can be done. The big advantage of this system is that the marksman will still have its own view through the scope. Also the VTQ Rifle Scope system has an integrated shock sensor, that will be activated if the marksman shoots. Within the video from the camera a symbol will appear, telling the commando unit if and when the soldier was shooting.

Using the VTQ Rifle Scope System in more complex applications, where it is necessary to watch a wide area, the system can be expanded with PTZ cameras. Controlling these can also be done through the commando unit. Using the receiver unit as a cascade station makes it possible to achieve higher range. A network can be formed in this way very easy.

All these advantages show how simple and quick the VTQ Rifle Scope system can be setup to different applications.

VTQ from Germany presents rifle scope with wireless video transmission at Milipol Paris 2017 France 002
Scope control case to receive the data video

Heart of the system forms the perfectly matched optic with an integrated HO camera. This way the commando unit has the same view as the marksman in real time. So any changes of a situation will be tracked immediately and an intervention can be done very easy if needed. Controlling the camera win be done through the integrated telemetry.

Having a PTZ camera additionally setup to the scope optic to the system, the area around the marksman can be monitored. This might be very useful in hard situations. The marksman does not need to care about what is going on around him. because the commando unit will be able to control the area and therefore can make decisions in real time. The system can be easily expanded, so more than one soldier can be monitored simultaneous.

For applications where a large distance is the key factor, the repeater function of the VTQ Rifle Scope system can be used. Also it is possible to equip an additional booster to achieve the distance that is needed.

Optional the serial interface is a nice to have if there is a need to transmit more than just the current view of the sniper Additional data can be for example GPS position, weather data and so on. This gives the commando unit the ability to have as much information about the situation as possible. Monitoring the area, knowing what the sniper is view, full control of the Rifle Scope camera, getting noticed if the marksman was shooting, full ability of tracking the position and weather conditions. All these advantages can be very useful during and also afterwards for a detailed analysis of an operation.