Milipol 2017: Plasan unveils its SCAT Light Non Lethal RCWS

At Milipol 2017, Plasan unveils its SCAT System a new Light Non Lethal Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS) specifically designed for anti-riot and law enforcement operations. SCAT stands for Safe Crowd Attenuating Technology. At Milipol 2017 the SCAT RCWS is showcased on the new Police variant of the Sandcat Stormer. You can see the SCAT system on the Plasan's stand Hall 6 P124 at Milipol 2017.

Plasan SCAT Milipol 2017 925 001
The Plasan SCAT RCWS at Milipol 2017 (Credit: Army Recognition)

Domestic terrorism and spontaneous acts of violence are the major challenge for current law enforcement, requiring law enforcement forces agility and high mobility on light armored vehicles with effective crowd and riot control means.

Plasan's SCAT system is designed to address all types of low intensity conflicts violence with variety of non-lethal means, providing super precise and proportionate crowd and riot control, with minimum civilian casualties and with no risk to system operator or law enforcer's team. SCAT enables deterrence and containment of any violent scenario, allowing averting further intervention and embroilment.

The Scat system has compact dimensions (H 750 mm, W 700 mm) and reduced wheight (85 kg) because this system is designed for law enforcement and anti-riot operations. And the vehicles equipped with the system have to operate in urban conditions (bridges,...). The SCAT can work in all climatic conditions with operating temperature -40° / +85°.

The Scat system can be equipped with a complete range of sensors, accessories and equipment :Day Imaging System, Night Imaging System: (optional), Dazzler (flashlight), Multi-shot 40 mm Grenade Launcher Smoke/Gas grenade, Long Range Acoustic Device (optional), Armament (interchangeable by the crew in less than 1 hour) NEGEV 5.56 mm, MAG 7.62 mm.

Plasan SandCat Milipol 2017 925 001

The Police variant of the Sandcat equippe with the SCAT system (Credit Plasan)