General Robotics unveils a C-UAV solutionat Milipol Paris 2017

Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (SUAVs) have become a recognizable threat in military, police and civilian contexts. With accessibility as a hobby product, virtually anyone can fly such SUAV with a camera over an area of interest and photograph the scenery.

general robotics pitbull rcws milipol 925 001
The PITBULL low weight and flexible configuration allow its installation on almost all vehicles. Manned or unmanned. On Land, Air or Sea.

Terrorist organizations such as ISIS have taken the SUAV concept one step further and turned it into remote-controlled weapons by attaching explosive devices or designated bombs to them. Alongside terrorist organizations, even criminal groups can make offensive use of such a tool. The possibility of turning a hobby product into an intelligence gathering and offensive tool challenges security officials. It is important to remember that a small SUAV can be exported almost without restrictions, and is not limited by the Wassenaar agreement "Dual use" regulations. This reality has given rise to the need for solutions to counter SUAVs (C-UAVs), and the smaller they are, the harder it is to deal with them.

Despite the types of ‘soft’ solutions available in the market, one should also take into account the possibility that protection relying on 'soft' solutions is not enough. In these cases, such as at critical infrastructure protection, ‘hard’ solutions need also be available. In other words, kinetic means are required for physical interception in order to take down the SUAV. The PITBULL Ultra Light Remote Weapon Station (ULRWS) offers a dual mode approach for countering SUAVs based on soft and hard capabilities. First, a radar detects the SUAV from kilometers away. After the initial detection, fast and precise optical tracking pinpoint the SUAV at close range.

While monitoring the SUAV, the PITBULL can activate a soft directional solution to counter the threat. Should the non-kinetic measures solutions not suffice, a precise machine gun can be activated as the final hard solution to counter the SUAV. The detecting and intercepting capabilities make the PITBULL ideal Sensor-to-Shooter solution for C-UAVs scenarios. The PITBULL is the only ULRWS with 4 Features in 1 System: Ultra-Light (70Kg) supports 7.62 or 5.56 machine guns. Comprehensive Situational Awareness – day and night with “Point & Shoot” on-screen interface. Hostile Fire Source Designator for fast and precise counter fire. Radar to acquire and track multiple hidden targets day and night in all weather conditions.

Another advantage of the PITBULL ULRWS lies in its versatility. The ULRWS is not only effective against SUAVs, but also in the face of other threats, in which a kinetic solution is needed. Such areas can include critical infrastructure, government facilities, military installations as well as an assembly of light vehicles.