Aero Surveillance new ASV-30 tethered version at Milipol 2017

French Company Aero Surveillance announces a tethered version of its Quad and Octocopter ASV 30 400 and 800 series specially designed for Police and Homeland Security applications at Milipol 2017, the International State Homeland Security exhibition which takes place in Paris, France.

Aero Surveillance new ASV 30 tethered version at Milipol 2017 925 001
New tethered version of Aero Surveillance ASV 30 with four or eight rotors (Source picture Aero Surveillance)

Aero Surveillance presents its new tethered version of its ASV 30 with four or eight rotors, with integrated high performance electro-optical payload and a ground control station designed to operate in both free and tethered mode simply by switching power modules.

The new tethered system is capable of staying at up to 100 meters altitude for durations up to 12 hours at a time providing highly persistent surveillance solutions and 360 degrees full motion video during day and night.

The ASV 30 has a flight endurance in free mode of up to 60 minutes with a payload capacity of 6 kg. It can be equipped with an high performance electro-optical systems which is able to detect mobile objects up to 15 km. There is also an onboard image processing for enhanced resolution, image stability and object tracking.

The ASV 30 with an Ingress Protection (IP 54) rating, are designed to operate in harsh environments including extended temperature range, rain and snow. The ASV 30 is certified for the S3 tethered mode by the French Aviation authority (DGAC) and currently being certified for the S2 scenario.

The French Company Aero Surveillance designs, integrates and distributes UAV based Aerial Surveillance Systems optimized for Law enforcement, Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructure Surveillance applications.