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19 - 22 November 2015
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Sagem and Vectronix at Milipol 2015
Milipol 2015: Sagem highlights its new Moskito TI Lightweight Multi-Purpose Target Locator
Vectronix and Sagem (Safran) have combined their knowledge to design and introduce a new multifunctional handheld device at Milipol 2015: the Moskito TI lightweight multi-purpose target locator. Unveiled last year at Eurosatory, the Moskito TI is now showcased for the first time in an Internal Security trade show.
Milipol 2015 Sagem highlights its new Moskito TI Lightweight Multi Purpose Target Locator 640 001Sagem and Vectronix new Moskito TI Lightweight Multi-Purpose Target Locator at Milipol 2015
Moskito TI is the newest multifunctional solution from Vectronix and Sagem, incorporating eight essential functions in one lightweight device: wide field-of view thermal imager for detection, LLCMOS camera for 100% positive identification by day and night, low-divergence fiber laser rangefinder for best performance in harsh environmental conditions, direct view optics for maximum DRI performance, digital magnetic compass, inclinometer, global navigation satellite system (GNSS) and an internal, optional eyesafe laser pointer for target handover.

Moskito TI combines all essential day and night viewing, measuring and geo-location functions into one compact and user friendly device. Its outstanding digital and video processing capabilities for observation and reconnaissance missions, the optimized power concept and the intuitive and unobtrusive HMI are additional advantages.

Sagem and Vectronix's new Moskito TI combines 3 viewing modes. The premium Optical Day View enables users to assess a situation with their own eyes and make decisions independently of digital systems (100 % positive Identification). The 1280 x 1024 (SXGA), Low Light Imager (LLCMOS) – enhances users’ ability to detect (> 4 km) and identify objects in conditions from twilight to half-moon. The Low Light Imager is designed to process the inhomogeneous light conditions (dynamics) of urban terrain such as passing cars, streetlights or similar. Unlike with image intensifier tubes, no damage occurs. The Moskito TI is also fitted with thermal imaging for detection and situational awareness day or night. It enables screening of areas in just seconds. It has 640 x 480 (VGA) resolution, continuous zoom.

The presence of standard interfaces (RS-232/USB/Ethernet/USB) and protocols also provides perfect connectivity and therefore easy integration into higher-level systems.