Roselectronika displays upgraded export R-142TE command vehicle

Roselectronika Holding for the first time displayed the export option of the R-142TE command-staff vehicle for the operational and tactical command. New hard and software provided additional closed communication channels, Roselectronika said.

Roselectronika displays upgraded export R 142TE command vehicle
Roselectronika (Picture source: Ria )

The vehicle designed by Rubin bureau of Roselectronika provides for automatic collection, accumulation, storage and processing of information, calculation of operational and tactical missions for logistical services in field conditions. The data can be transmitted by several open and closed channels to increase the speed of information delivery to the interacting units. Standby channels increase reliability and sustainability of communications.

The hard and software of the vehicle displays the situation on an electronic terrain map. The compartment of the deputy commander for logistics has an automatic workplace and a technical possibility to hold conferences of up to eight officers.

"We are offering an unprecedented export option of the unified R-142TE command-staff vehicle for automatic operations of logistical officials. Modifications of the vehicle have been operating in the interests of the Russian Defense Ministry for over ten years," Rubin CEO Andrey Tarasov said.

The vehicle was displayed at an arms show in Penza.

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