Nexter Robotics to supply 88 NERVA robots to Canadian army

Nexter announced on 24 May that its subsidiary Nexter Robotics has been selected by the Canadian Army to supply a total of 88 NERVA multi-purpose robots.

Nexter Robotics to supply 88 NERVA robots to Canadian army
Nexter NERVA-LG robot unloaded from a Titus APC at IDEX 2019 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

In collaboration with ECA Robotics for the robots and Ontario-based Deltic Group to provide in-service support, the Nexter-led team will supply 79 NERVA-LG and nine NERVA-XX robots, the company stated. The contract – which covers the Army’s High Research Secured-Remotely Operated Vehicle Systems (HRS-ROV) requirement – has a value of C$6 million (€4 million).

The NERVA range represents the best technology has to offer in multi-mission robotic systems. The robust, waterproof nature of the NERVA-LG allows it to be thrown on any terrain. It can easily be controlled from any standard PC, tablet or smartphone, and offers semi-autonomous capabilities to reduce operator workload. It also has proven independent operating capabilities, particularly using its waypoint navigation facility and automatic return on mission completion.

These characteristics, when coupled with the system’s wide range of potential payloads, make Nexter Robotic’s solution an efficient tool for all manner of situations. This multi-purpose medium-size robot is intended primarily for reconnaissance and operational support.

Moreover, combining its use with that of a UAV (for transport or radio relay) enables the robot's operational capabilities to be extended, thus making it ideally suited to a multiplicity of defense, safety, surveillance and rescue missions.