Syria developed a T-72 based MLRS called the Golan-1000

This month, footage emerged of a Syrian system dubbed 'Golan-1000'. Based on a T-72 tank chassis with desert camouflage, the Golan-1000 is a self-propelled rocket system that, according to Sputnik International, carries 500mm rounds. The vehicle carries three launchers for the rockets, which are fired from a remote control.

Golan 1000 Syrian home made MLRS 500mm multiple rocket launcher system 925 001
The Golan-1000 visually resembles the TOS-1, a multiple rocket launcher based on the T-72 that Russia has supplied to some pro-government forces in Syria. (source: Twitter )

Further details on the system are not forthcoming, though Sputnik referred to the system as being operated by the Syrian military's 4th Armored Division, which has played a major role in the country's ongoing civil war.

It is not clear what the system's range is or how many have been produced; it is similarly uncertain if all systems in existence belong to the Syrian military or if some are operated by allied militia groups. The Syrian military is said to have used the Golan-1000 as part of a military offensive against militants in Hajar al-Aswad, an urban area south of Damascus held by an Islamic State cell. The system's name is a reference to the Golan Heights.