Russian Motovilikha 120mm SP-120 2S31 Vena self-propelled gun-mortar to replace older system

Serial production of the Motovilikha 120mm SP-120 (2S31) Vena self-propelled gun/mortar is ongoing for Russian domestic requirements. The Russian Army intends to employ the tracked 2S31 as its primary 120mm self-propelled gun/mortar system, gradually replacing the older tracked 120mm SO-120 (2S9) self-propelled gun/mortar system.

Russian Motovilikha 120mm SP 120 2S31 Vena self propelled gun mortar to replace older system 925 002
Motovilikha 120mm SP-120 (2S31) Vena  self-propelled gun-mortar (Picture source : Vitaly Kusmin)

The 2S31 design offers high mobility and considerable firepower in a cost-effective package. Like the 2S9 and 2S23, the amphibious system is optimized for the Russian Army's airborne, assault, and other light forces. The Rosoboronexport organization is promoting the 2S31 Vena on the international market. However, given the glutted state of the world market for self-propelled artillery systems, Rosoboronexport does not expect the 2S31 to fare well.

The Russian Ministry of Defense is currently undertaking an ambitious campaign to modernize and professionalize the Russian armed services, and the Russian government has committed itself to significantly larger defense budgets toward this end. Although these efforts could potentially provide support to the 2S31 program, Rosoboronexport nevertheless considers the Russian MoD production schedule for the 2S31 to be highly optimistic, particularly given the stagnant state of the Russian economy.


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