Russian National Guard to be euipped with upgraded AK-74M assault rifles TASS 30405163

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Russian National Guard to be equipped with upgraded AK-74M assault rifles
Russian National Guard will be armed with upgraded AK-74M assault rifles, the Director Executive of Russian Armourers Union, Ruslan Pukhov told Izvestia newspaper.
Russian-National-Guard-to-be-euipped-with-upgraded-AK-74M-assault-rifles-640-001Russian soldier firing with a AK-74M assault rifle (Photo: Wikipedia, Vitaly V. Kuzmin)

"The upgraded AK-74M assault rifle comprises new telescopic stock, magazine-opening cover and modern foregrip and handguard with integrated Picatinny rails intended for various red dot, optical and infrared sights. Effective muzzle brakes, silencers and weapon flashlights can be attached to the firearm," Pukhov said.

The upgraded AK-74M assault rifle will feature new gun belt and ergonomic pistol grip. As a result, the effectiveness of the firearm by attack rack criterion will be bigger by half at distances up to 300 m.

Pukhov pointed out that upgraded AK-74M assault rifle will be the organic weapon of Russian National Guard until the newest AEK-971 and AK-12 firearms are brought into service. Both AEK-971 and AK-12 rifle feature improved accuracy and reduced weight.

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin announced the establishing of the National Guard on April 5, 2016. The National Guard`s chief, General of the Army Vladimir Zolotov said that the new service would be formed in three stages. The process would be finished as soon as possible, he added.
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