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PGZ, Obrum and Rheinmetall to jointly design a new amphibious wheeled armoured carrier
A cooperation agreement was signed in Radom in mid-May by and between the Polish Armaments Group (PGZ) and Obrum sp. z o.o. as one party and the German company Rheinmetall Man Military Vehicles (RMMV) as the other party. The parties to the agreement will together design and make prototypes of a new, amphibious, wheeled armoured carrier in 6x6 configuration, meeting the requirements of the modern battlefield.
PGZ Orbum and Rheinmetall to jointly design a new-amphibious wheeled armoured carrier 640 001PGZ-Obrum-RMMV future amphibious vehicle could replace the aging 4x4 BRDM-2 reconnaissance vehicles currently operated in Poland
This vehicle will be the first one in its class to take a full advantage of all experiences of the recent asymmetrical conflicts. The Polish economy will also win – the vehicle will be manufactured in Poland.

According the German business daily Handelsblatt, Poland aimed to procure around 200 tanks for over 300 million euros ($326 million) to replace its Soviet-era fighting vehicles.

The signed agreement is in line with the plans of the Ministry of National Defence (MON) related to the procurement of a Light Armoured Reconnaissance Carrier (LOTR). Thanks to the agreement, it will be possible to replace the 4x4 BRDM-2 reconnaissance vehicles currently operated in Poland with state-of-the-art equipment.

The new design of the 6x6 carrier will make a full use of the great experience of OBRUM and RMMV in the field of wheeled armoured vehicles. This carrier will provide a high – for amphibious vehicles – degree of ballistic protection. With a payload of at least 3.5 t and combat weight below 20 t, it will be a very functional platform to be applied in reconnaissance and other missions.

PGZ and RMMV are also planning to offer a new vehicle and its derivatives together on foreign markets.

The conclusion of the agreement with Rheinmetall Man Military Vehicles confirms that PGZ is an equal partner for leading armaments groups worldwide,” said Wojciech Dabrowski, President of the Management Board of PGZ. “Encouraged by the success of the Rosomak Wheeled Armoured Vehicle, we are beginning the execution of another ambitious project, whose effect will be a new armoured carrier,” underlined Dabrowski.

Thanks to that project, the Polish defence industry concentrated around PGZ will tap the latest accomplishments in the field of military technology and gain experience in creation of state-of-the-art armaments systems.

We perceive this agreement as the first step towards the strategic alliance with PGZ on the wheeled vehicle market and as a path which should be followed also by other Rheinmetall group companies. I am convinced that the combined experience of RMMV and its partners will lead to the development, as part of our undertaking, of the state-of-the-art wheeled armoured vehicle in 6x6 configuration, in the segment below 20 t,” said President of RMMV Pietro Borgo.

The signed agreement is perfectly in line with the current trend of the European defence industry development, providing for cooperation of entities from various countries in the creation of joint products.

PGZ forms a Group composed of more than 60 companies of the manufacturing & services sector, with ca. 17.5 thousand employees. As a result of the consolidation, one of the largest defence groups in this part of the world has been established.

OBRUM is a research & development centre, existing since 1968, involved in research, development and manufacturing of diverse armaments systems for the needs for the Polish Armed Forces.

RMMV is a manufacturing centre for wheeled logistic and tactical vehicles as part of Rheinmetall group. As a company whose shareholders are Rheinmetall AG and MAN Truck & Bus AG, RMMV is a major supplier of complete solutions in the field of military wheeled vehicles.