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China stresses active defense capabilities in its first white paper on military strategy
China issued its first white paper on military strategy on Tuesday, May 26, stressing "active defense" and pledging closer international security cooperation. The white paper, "China's Military Strategy", issued by the State Council Information Office, outlined a strategy unifying strategic defense and operational and tactical offense. The nearly 9,000-word paper also underscored i.a. "the principles of defense, self-defense and post-emptive strikes".
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China will build an informationized military and winning informationized wars, deepen the reform of national defense and the armed forces in an all-round way and build a modern system of military forces with Chinese characteristics, the report says.

China aims to build its army with small, multi-functional and modular units, reorienting from theater defense to trans-theater mobility, the report says.

The Chinese Army of People's Liberation Army (PLA) will adapt itself to tasks in different regions, develop the capacity of its combat forces for different purposes and construct a combat force structure for joint operations.

It will focus on capabilities for precise, multi-dimensional, trans-theater, multi-functional and sustainable operations.

The PLA Navy will gradually shift its focus from the sole strategy of "offshore waters defense" to the combined one of "offshore waters defense" and "open seas protection", the report says.

It will have a combined, multi-functional and efficient marine combat force and enhance its capabilities for strategic deterrence and counterattack, maritime maneuvers, joint operations at sea, comprehensive defense and comprehensive support.

The PLA Air Force will shift its focus from territorial air defense to both defense and offense, and build an air-space defense force structure that can meet the requirements of informationized operations.

It will boost its capabilities for strategic early warning, air strike, air and missile defense, information countermeasures, airborne operations, strategic projection and comprehensive support.

The PLA Second Artillery Force (PLASAF) will be lean, effective and equipped with both nuclear and conventional missiles, the report says. 

It will transform itself in the direction of informationization and press forward with independent innovations in weaponry and equipment.

It will enhance the safety, reliability and effectiveness of missile systems, and improve the force structure featuring a combination of both nuclear and conventional capabilities.

It will strengthen its capabilities for strategic deterrence and nuclear counterattack, and medium- and long-range precision strikes.

The China's People's Armed Police Force (PAPF) will serve multiple functions especially effectively maintaining social stability. [The armed police's main duties will be security control, contingency response, stability maintenance, counter-terrorism operation, emergency rescue and disaster relief, emergency support and air support.

The priority is to enhance the capability for diversified tasks centering on security control and contingency response in informationized conditions.